Need some help on a simple security setup

Thanks in advance for your help,

My wife and I are expecting a baby here in the next month and we’d like to up our home security a bit. We’re in a fairly safe neighborhood so we want to keep it simple.

What I’m thinking of doing is placing contact sensors and outdoor cameras on all exterior doors. I want to do it myself, but I’m not really eager to go through the hassle of running cat5 to the cameras. We don’t feel the need to have 24/7 monitoring of the home security which is why I would like something to allow me to set custom rules on how to handle alerts. It would be nice if the cameras had a bit of storage so we could go back like 8 hours to view triggered events.

Any suggestions on products would be helpful. I wasn’t sure if I should go the simple route and do simplisafe or Wyze, or if you all had some suggestions.

If you’d like more information let me know I’ll be checking this often.


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