Never go with Vivint

I think most people on this sub know this already, but I have been with Vivint for one month and I understand why people can’t stand this company. Sharing my experiences so that others don’t fall into the same trap.

I bought a new house and signed up as a new customer last month. Was promised $100 “activation” + $49 for one month of service, followed by two free months. Way overpriced, but alright, I will give them a shot.

Surprise, surprise, they “forgot” the two free months and charged my credit card (which magically was signed up for autopay). I have spent 5 hours on hold with Vivint over the last day. I keep calling in, getting told I need to speak with Customer Loyalty (Why? This is a Vivint billing error), and then nobody from Customer Loyalty picks up. Endless hold.

Horrific, horrific service. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR VIVINT. Ring, Nest, Abode, Cove all do this better and cheaper.

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