New construction; DSC vs. Elk?


Going to be starting new construction; home builder’s alarm/AV vendor works primarily with DSC and Elk. I’m looking for a monitored, cell-using, battery-backed system. Keypads, breakage/smoke/CO2 sensors, siren, etc., hardwired as much as possible. Monitoring company TBD.

I’ll be running a Unifi setup separately with a video doorbell and a variety of cameras to a local NVR. I’m not looking for a total home automation solution.

I’ve found that the newer DSC Neo systems talk Not quite sure yet on the Elk systems. We’ll have smart/keypad doorlocks as well. I’m trying to see if 1) folks have a strong opinion on DSC vs. Elk in general and 2) if either one will give me some basic status or even control of appropriate smart doorlocks, thermostats, etc. I realize I said I’m not looking for total home automation, just looking for any pluses (or, really, openness) of one platform vs. the other. And, I think integration will give me that status/control over compatible devices.

Thanks for reading!

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