New to Ring / Multidevice Setup Advice

New to Ring / Advice on Multicam Setup

We’ve settled on Ring as the product we would like to use to establish security camera and peek-in access for my grandma’s house. 1900 square feet, with the Internet Router on one side wall of the house, as far from center as can be. We are going to install one battery operated doorbell, three outdoor motion sensor floodlights, three outdoor spotlight cam-all hardwired, as well as two plug-in indoor cams- total of 9 units. Was planning on installing one or two chime pros to help spread the Wi-Fi love, but would like advice on that, as I ask below.

Biggest Question: What speed of Internet do you think she would need, we are planning on upgrading her access, and do I need additional Wi-Fi extenders? Do you recommend what Ring is selling- Eero- or should I look elsewhere. Will the Chime Pros do the trick? Is this a good candidate for a Wi-Fi mesh system?

Random question: The front door gets intermittent sunlight. Would the solar charger for the doorbell be a good option?

Alarm System Question: When subscribing to a Plus Plan, does this enable you to be able to add just one component of an alarm system? To clarify, is the Plus Plan that covers multiple Ring device the same as the plan that covers alarm services? If so, could I just add in a few standalone panic buttons? Would I need an additional component, like the Alarm Base Station, to layer in a the panic button or the Water/Freeze sensor, or will it work with just the Plus Subscription?

As I know I would need the Retrofit Alarm Kit to layer in her existing system, would I also need the Alarm Base Station if I wanted to add Ring components to the system? If just using the old alarm system components , would I only need the retrofit alarm kit and not the Alarm Base Station? Could I use the existing keypad?

I really appreciate your insights. My grandfather- veteran of DDay and Battle of the Bulge-passed away recently and as my grandmother approaches 100, she still wants to stay on the property that she and PawPaw worked their entire lives. This Ring system, along with an Apple Watch for helping monitor her health (take any advice here as well, in regards to monitoring her Health via our own smartphones), will be our peace of mind to not have to drive over every day, as well as her personal safety as she deals with all the travails that comes with being 100 and living on a large property in a semi-urban/semi-rural area that has great curb appeal. Shame we have to set all this up just to help her ensure her safety, but so it goes.

Thank you all!

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