Option for capturing crazy neighbor

So we have a crazy racist neighbor who is harassing us. We are pretty sure it’s because we have a BLM sign in our yard, but also our kids play in the street with their neighbor friends. But mostly he’s just a crazy guy.

He has driven past our house at very high speeds multiple times and almost hit our 5 year old once. He came to our door once when we were out of town, yelled “Black lives don’t matter” at my husband once, and now lays on his horn and puts his middle finger up every time he passes our house. In front of our kids.

We feel completely harassed and have reported him but we have no evidence or any of it.

Can anyone recommend a camera to catch his speeding and obscene gestures/yelling?

The street is about 60 feet from our front door, but we are fine putting a camera on our yard or on a tree or something.

Wed rather not spend more than a few hundred bucks. Thank you!

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