Options for a home security system

I’ll be heading back to google in just a second, but thought I’d post a message here and see what responses come up.

  • As far as types of cameras go, I think I’d want to get IP cameras. Does this mean in theory I could in theory plug everything into a passive 8 port switch and then run something like BlueIris on a computer? Are there any good open source software options I could use on a Linux system?

  • Are there any scenarios where it’d be less expensive (or more logical) to get a dedicated NVR and/or non-IP cameras?

  • In line with my last question, do I really want IP cameras? What are the other options?

  • What about wireless cameras? How do they rate price/performance/ease-of-use compared to wired cameras?

  • Let’s say, if it’s the most feasible, my first choice would be to plug everything into a switch and use a computer as the NVR. Could anyone recommend inexpensive wired/wireless IP cameras?

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