Outdoor camera planning. Did I do it right?

Hello HomeSecurity redditors!

I’m building a new house and this coming weekend is my opportunity to pull POE cable for my security cameras. I’ve been lurking here and was hoping to get some feedback on my layout. I have not purchased any cameras yet. Right now, I am simply laying the foundational wiring.

This link shows the overhead perimeter of the home. In my design, the blue markers willl be turret cameras at 8-9 foot height. The red markers will be bullet cameras near the soffet. The yellow marker will be a wide angle camera at 8-9 foot height. The green marker will be a doorbell camera.


My question to the community is whether or not my layout makes sense and if there are significant gaps in my coverage? I can pull all the cable I want now. I have 2000 feet of bare copper cat6. I am installing small IP65 ABS enclosures that will hold the wiring until I install the cameras.

I have not decided on specific cameras quite yet. All I can say right now is that they will be ONVIF cameras like Hikvision, Dahua, Amcrest or similar. I am planning on a BlueIris or Milestone or even a Linux NVR solution like ZoneMinder, but that’s another post for another day.

Bonus question: Are there lighting solutions (IR or otherwise) that I can power over POE which would be advantageous to wire for in advance?

edit: the bump out on the left side of the image is a fireplace that only goes up about 7 feet. The camera over it is not obstructed. There are no buildings behind the house. There is a bike path back a little over a hundred feet or so with a treeline behind that.

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