Outdoor Camera w/ no basestation, or PoE basestation, or direct-to-wireless

I have a large lot with the far end being about 440 feet away from the house. I actually have a single PoE powered camera run out that far with 24/7 recording, and several trail cams to supplement it. Recently someone came on my property, removed a trail cam, and yote it into the lake. Now I need to replace it.

Another trail cam is an option, but I get tired of checking on them, pulling out the SD card, carrying it to the house, etc. I could get a more expensive Wi-Fi model, which makes the checking easier, but them I’m also risking something more expensive swimming with the fishes. I also feel like the majority of them are either overpriced, or are cheap whitelabled units, and sound quality is crap. All of the Wi-Fi ones seem to run off the same 2.3 star app. Basically, YMMV… One thing I like about them is that most have a little latch that you can lock to keep someone from easily getting at the SD card (which is why I think mind ended up in the lake).

I’m also looking at the new Wyze Outdoor cam. I could put one out in travel mode and check on it every now and then. At $40, I don’t -want- it to get stolen, but I would be able to live with myself if it was. Is there anything else like this on the market? I see the eufyCam E had a planned offline mode, but I don’t know if it was ever released. It’s also expensive enough that I would want it streaming so if it was stolen, I would at least get video of the person. Blink doesn’t appear to have any kind of offline mode.

The biggest problem is getting a base station close enough to this area to get a connection. There is no way a wireless signal will reach that far though dense forest. I could remove the current PoE camera and replace it with a base station for several wireless cameras, but there doesn’t seem to be any base-station based systems that will run on PoE. A PoE splitter might be an option if the power budget is low enough (around 5v).

It would also work to replace the PoE camera with an outdoor wireless access point if any of these cameras would use a standard wireless connection, instead of their own proprietary base station. I don’t know of any that do this though.

Edit: To summarize the constraints, I only have a single PoE drop to work with, and a max power budget on that of around 9w, no high voltage anywhere near the area. Live alerts would be awesome, but aren’t a requirement if the equipment is cheap enough to absorb it’s loss. Otherwise, something that is easy to check/download pictures from.

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