Pan/tilt IP camera that can be set up to ONLY be accessible on local network

I’m looking for a pan/tilt controllable IP camera which I can access via a Webpage on my local network, but which I can configure to not be accessible globally & which doesn’t rely upon signing up for, nor using, any sort of external cloud based service.

When searching for cameras, everything seems to boast its integration with Alexa, how it can send push notifications to smartphone apps, etc. I want none of that, I just want something that sits on my local network & nothing else, so I can access it from wherever I am via my existing VPN setup, but don’t have to worry about unpatched vulnerabilities exposing my home to the world when the camera inevitably gets discontinued.

Is there a particular search term I should be using? A particular manufacturer?

Edit – Failing that, are there at least pan/tilt IP cameras that still have browser support? That way I suppose I can just block outgoing traffic with a firewall rule.

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