Physically secure front door?

I live in a brick building…not faux brick, but ten inches of real bricks and no insulation. That’s another issue, but it means that installing a serious front door has some interest to me because you aren’t going around it (windows are a different discussion, but essentially covered by steel security screens).

I was looking at a Turkish security door but they can’t make the custom size I needed. Looked at these but they just keep telling me they can’t be used as exterior doors (I’m assuming it’s just the electronics but hey).

Is there anyone that actually makes a security door that you can’t knock down with a sledgehammer in a few short minutes of whacking it? I found a few manufacturers that looked promising but the product came in over twenty grand and that seems excessive for what I’m trying to do, and definitely more than I want to spend on something I don’t know well enough to be certain of.

Is there anyone that makes just a door that’s actually physically secure and doesn’t cost as much as a new car?

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