Possibly stupid question – how can I tell if the security system I have (Protection1 2Gig) is monitored?

Apologies if this isn’t the place to post this!

We moved into a house a couple of months ago that has a Protection1 2Gig security system. Problem is, our house was an estate, so the system hasn’t been touched since the person passed away as far as we know.

All this time, I had assumed the realtor or the estate would have taken care of cancelling the monitoring system and anything that goes with that, but from what I can tell from reading their website tonight, protection1 only leases their equipment. Since the equipment is still on and in the house, it makes me concerned that it is still being monitored and we are going to end up being hit with a stupid bill for not returning equipment or unpaid bills?

We obviously aren’t using the system because we don’t have any of the codes for it, so it’s going to be really annoying if we end up on the hook for stuff we aren’t using, but even without a code, we can see from the home screen if doors are opened or the kitchen sensor is moving, so something is still working, I just don’t know if it’s being monitored actively or is now basically just a self monitoring system.

Has anyone cancelled their contract and paid out whatever the “cost of damages” for the unreturned equipment, and just owned the stuff outright? Asking because I suppose it is possible that the estate just cancelled and paid all of the penalties so that we would own the system?

I contacted protection one but they didn’t respond, so I’m going to try to call tomorrow, but honestly I wanted to ask here first because I feel like they’re just going to try to screw us and tell us that we owe them money since the equipment wasn’t sent back (even if it was honest to goodness bought outright). Based on the reviews, it seems like kind of a shitty and useless company so I can’t say I trust them to do the right thing.

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