Recommendation for home security cameras

I’d like 4 cameras and an NVR. I got quotes from several people, and they all quote me with LTS hardware. I know they are quality, but they are welllll out of my price range. I would really like to get 4k dome cameras, but 4 LTS dome cameras and a 4k NVR plus hard drive will run me over $1200 in parts after tax. (My installer for some reason was pushing me hard to get the 4 channel NVR, but I really want 8 channel in case I ever expand, or a model with two SATA slots).

I did find a more affordable option via Amcrest. A 4k dome system which, after a 10% coupon on their website, will come to $468 before tax, $496 after tax. With a $100 4TB drive, I’m looking at $600 in parts (which is much less than $1200). And the cameras have a wider FOV than the LTS cameras. My problem with Amcrest is 1) only 1 year warranty (LTS offers 3), 2) lots of reports of the fan in the NVR being a tad loud, and 3) most importantly, people constantly complain about Amcrest software being absolutely crap. It also doesn’t make me feel good that every time I visit their website I am always bothered by the sales rep chat popup, that rubs me the wrong way.

Are there any other options out there?


Thanks in advance.

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