Recommendation wanted: 16 channel NVR with ~8-12 cameras

I’m looking for a camera system for my father-in-law’s property. I was originally considering a Wisenet NVR system since I’m familiar with and work with Wisenet equipment and software at the day job; however, their website leaves me with less than fuzzies. It lists models that aren’t available or discontinued, models that can’t be found for sale anywhere, and their CS number rang for over 5 minutes before I hung up.

I’d like an NVR with POE that I can also hook to my LAN and add remote IP cameras (using a wireless Ubiquiti PTP shot) for structures not directly attached to the house. 8 channels might do it but I’d prefer 16 just in case. IP cameras that can be powered by a midspan injector would be needed for the wireless shots.

I’m not familiar with other brands of NVR enough to tell crap quality from decent, so I’d like to get opinions/options from folks with experience. Thanks in advance!

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