Recommendations for First home and first home security.

Hello all!

Me and my wife are closing on our first home the first week of October. Extremely stressful and exciting time. We all have about the same reasons for home security systems and I want one to make my wife feel comfortable. She feels good, then I feel good.

This will be my first home security, as growing up my mother kept a .38 Special on her at all times, a 12 gauge, and a bat. My wife has had home security before, but never really cared to look into them. She just knows how to use them.

Well, I set up an install with Vivint without doing much research at all (I know the sub seems to hate them, and I apologize.) But! After 4 phone calls, 45 minutes of holding, and being hung up on twice, I was able to cancel the service request, just waiting on the refund now. And if getting a hold of them is this hard when I don’t even have them as my home security yet, I’m glad I cancelled. Customer service is terrible.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. What do you guys recommend? I am pretty tech savvy as I have been in the It career field for 7 years now. One of my hobbies is building PC’s and what not. Maybe some people here may hate this, but I am in the Google ecosystem, and I love it.

Any home security solutions out there that work well with Google and will also call the police if my house is broken into or glass broke while I’m not home? They can be DIY or not, I’m open for anything, as I have over a month til move in date, and another month after that to get home security before my home insurance gets raised. Lol.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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