Security system recommendations

I’ve been doing research into security systems for my home and don’t seem to be any closer to deciding which way to go. I would appreciate any suggestions and feedback the community has.

The home

5000+ sq ft single-story home currently under construction. Over 20 openable windows/doors and a couple of non-opening windows. I have dogs (50-100 lbs) who are typically roaming freely indoors when I am away.

Prefer DIY

I am a software developer with an interest in gadgets and tinkering. I prefer to install things around my home myself and gain a better understanding how of they work – up to a point. I’m not interested in completely rolling my own system and creating something that only I understand how to use and maintain at the cost of my family being frustrated by it. I also have limited time to dedicate to working on things like this.

Home automation

I do not currently do much with home automation, but would like to know that in the future if I wanted to I could at least read the state of the system (sensor states and events for what doors are open/closed, etc.) and trigger automations using common home automation packages (Home Assistant, openHAB, etc.)

Wired vs Wireless

The home is currently being built, so I do have the opportunity to run wires if needed. I am intending to run a lot of ethernet cable throughout the house for home networking, media streaming, and cameras. However, I am not interested in voiding the warranty of my new doors and windows by drilling holes in them for wiring. So probably wireless sensors on the doors/windows, but for other things like the system hub or motion sensors it would be very easy to wire.

Professional monitoring

I like being alerted on my phone to events, and taking actions when appropriate. But it is unrealistic to me that I am the only source of monitoring. If I am away from home, it is often not possible or convenient for me to drop what I am doing at that moment to review notifications and decide to call emergency services or not.

No Ring or Nest

I am not interested in Amazon or Google having access to things in my home. Yes, I want professional monitoring. If a door is opened, motion is detected, or glass breaks while the system is armed I want an alarm to sound and the authorities notified. But I am not interested in sharing my personal data and habits with those companies.

No cameras

I already have several IP cameras behind a VLAN that I manage via my Synology. I plan to expand on this with DeepStack (and possibly move to Blue Iris) for better AI object recognition and notifications. I’m also really uncomfortable providing an external company with access to my cameras, especially anything indoors. So no cameras, including no image-based motion sensors for indoors.

Power/heat tolerant

I would like something that will work when the power is out, although I can put wired devices/base station on a UPS if needed. I would also like the base station (if it has one) to be hidden away in a cabinet or in my server closet, so it needs to be tolerant of those environments.

Reliable with limited (or no) cloud dependencies

I would like something that will work if my home internet is down, and that doesn’t depend on the internet for basic functionality. Extra bells and whistles that depend on the internet is fine, but I’ve read about frustrating scenarios where users cannot even arm/disarm their system because it depends on a cloud-based infrastructure and that infrastructure became unavailable. If I come home and cannot get into my house because a cloud service provider is under a DDoS attack, that’s a no-go. Or if I am leaving and cannot arm it, then what is the point of having it?

Black sensors are a bonus

I know, this is really nit-picky. But it seems like most of the window/door sensors I come across are white. I have black windows and doors. I don’t want white sensors on them. I assume painting sensors could potentially interfere with their connectivity and probably voids their warranty/support, so if the system has an option for black sensors that’s a plus. I did see black, paintable, outdoor sensors being offered by Surety, but they are significantly more expensive than regular sensors and I need quite a few of them.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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