Setting up an LPR for my neighborhood

I’ll probably edit this post as I learn, so don’t be surprised if things change…

We have had a lot of crime in our neighborhood, and we recently had our catalytic converter stolen off our vehicle. The neighbors across the street had the same thing happen, as well as what appears to be dozens of other people in the area. We are just off the freeway which makes us extra vulnerable. The thing is, our chunk of neighborhood is actually a big loop that really only has 3 street entrances, maybe 6 if you really want to cover everybody in the area. I found a neighbor at the main entrance, closest to the freeway, that has a perfect vantage point to capture all the cars coming in and out. He is super enthusiastic about the idea of an LPR Bullet IP Security Camera, and gave me the go ahead to set one up. I plan to get one up and running efficiently, and then show its capabilities to more of my neighbors. I’m thinking they would jump at the idea, but I want to get a working model up and running before I go around chatting ever one up about it.

Police action has been incredibly lacking, but I figure these cams could give them a huge leg up. Also there is no HOA and the area is actually split between incorporated and unincorporated.

So the above is a (slightly edited) snippet of the e-mail I sent to Nelly’s security. They sell an ^LPR Cam that I’ve been looking at, and I think it could really help out. I have no experience with security cameras or the networks that support them, but I am tech savvy and learn quick. I also have the electrical skills to get power to it. I have some basic programming experience, I built my PC from scratch, and assembled my 3D printer, so I figure that if I can find the right guides, I can get this first camera set up without paying for professional help. I’m a big DIY guy and I want to learn how to do it, even if it takes weeks of study. Not currently employed and not in a rush to find a job. I also have a very experienced electrical engineer friend who will hopefully have time to help me. (Calling him tomorrow)

Cam location^

Things I need to know:

What kind of storage am I looking at? If some one needs to find a car that was in the neighborhood a week and a half ago, and there’s hundreds of cars going by every day (if not over 1000), at 1080p I imagine that is a buttload of footage to store, and that’s just one camera. Where’s the best place to get a crash course on buying/building this type of storage? I had to google what DVR/NVR was so that should tell you how little I know

I am also hoping to keep tabs on foot traffic. Due to the nature of the LPR, I’m assuming that I would need a second camera to do this, maybe storing a weeks worth of footage with IR capabilities? I don’t know the feasibility of this so please advise. Also, if it is feasible, what type of camera do you suggest?

^This would make a good cam for foot traffic?

The property owner where I want to put the cam does not have an ISP lol. Any considerations to take into account when choosing an ISP?

Would it be best to build storage at the camera location or at my house? Again I don’t actually know the feasibility of what I’m suggesting, so please advise. If I have to pay for a service I suppose I will, but I’d much rather figure it out on my own.

Better yet, if you you have comments, suggestions, guides, builds, or anything you would like to share with me, please do. I’m a sponge, please dump any knowledge your willing to share.

(Specifically anything to do with learning enough about IP networks to handle what I need)

If you think I’m nuts and tell me to go to hell, I understand. God knows I get enough of that on reddit.

Either way, thank you for your time!


So I started here. I guess I should have read a little more before posting, but it is what it is. Nell’s cam is an IP cam so I guess I’m going IP.

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