Spectra 1738 / Paradox LCD Keypad – Zone Disable


I have read the installers manual but am finding a conflict with no resolution. I hope you can help.

I want to disable zone 4.

The installers manual says to:

  • STEP 1: Press the [ENTER] key
  • STEP 2: Enter the [INSTALLER CODE] (Default: 0000 / 000000)
  • STEP 3: Enter 3-digit [SECTION]
  • STEP 4: Enter one digit from the Zone Definition table
  • STEP 5: Enter one digit from the Partition Assignment table
  • STEP 6: Select one or more options from the Zone Options table
  • STEP 7: Press the [ENTER] key

I pressed Enter, entered in (what I think is my) installer code. It asks me what section so I enter in 003 ( ‘[003] = Zone 03’ according to the manual zone programming section), and then some data to do what I want. I set it up to be disabled but the zone is still there. There is an issue with the screw terminals so I can’t just jump it out.

Perhaps I am putting in a user or master code as opposed to the installer code (which the installer changed and promptly went out of business)? I can see that if I enter in 002 (which would be zone 2 programming) instead of 003, I can see a user code in the data on the LCD.

Thank you in advance.

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