Suggestions for camera system

Purchasing a home and the wife has noted that she wants a camera system. She seems fond of the Ring doorbell, I’m ambivalent to brand but if we are installing I want it to be all the way and not just a doorbell.

I’ve mapped out where we will need 3 indoor cameras, 3 outdoor cameras and the doorbell. I’d like to have the option to install more later if I need them. I’d prefer POE for some/most but there is an inside 1 and the doorbell that would need to be wifi. There is a shed/man cave I’d be running some of the stuff out of for the angels etc. so the shed will have wired power/ wired internet.

I’m torn on selfhost/cloud storage, I dont mind paying a small fee. I’d like night vision, and the ability to check on the phones & notifications. 2 way speakers would be nice…

Monitored systems are not off the table as long as we can still check with phones, etc. as the discount off the insurance may make the difference.

Decent internet speeds, assume 20/200. I’m competent with tech and don’t mind installing things as long as I have a fallback customer service number in case things go totally left field.

So, I guess the next thing is “What are your suggestions?”

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