Hello all ,

I’m in need of recommendations for an alarm system and camera system that a user can use one app to monitor themselves. I install cctv and card access and used to work for adt so I have knowledge in the industry but I currently work in the commercial field and use genetec for my installs. So I’ve been out of the resi loop for a while . My friend has a 2,000 sq ft warehouse with apartment built in . He’s wanting to secure it with alarm, self monitor , and have cameras/alarm all built into one app . I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for some suggestions. He said they would like to have about 8 cams , and I suggested POE with the option to expand to 16. I initially thought vista 20 with envisalink so they can self monitor since I can program from my previous adt experience. But I dunno if their app will incorporate the cams . So , thanks for reading and any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks !!

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