Trail cams that connect to your home wifi?

Hey all. I’m trying to find some affordable options for outdoor home security without spending $500 on a camera. In my experiences, the problem you have with cheap Chinese cameras that you see littered across Amazon is that despite being advertised as 4k, they all have a low megapixel count. You try to zoom into a picture to get better clarity and everything is blown out to hell.

I thought that getting a trail cam might be a good option because those can tend to blend to an environment a lot better than a bullet camera can, especially if you’re wanting to put the camera closest to locations where you want the best clarity. It’s amazing to me that wifi security cameras that are in the sub-$200 range all have garbage megapixel cameras whereas trail cams with wifi that are $100 have really high megapixel ratings, like 20-30MP. The problem with these “wifi” cameras is that it’s only for allowing your phone to connect to the camera wirelessly, so if I wanted to monitor a location remotely, it’s looking like my only option for the trail cam route would be a cellular one… but I really don’t want to have to pay a separate phone bill just for this.

All that being said, are any of you familiar with a trail cam that can connect to your home wifi to act more as a security cam than a trail cam? The idea being that I don’t want to have to be in close proximity to the cam to view footage if an emergency comes up.

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