Trying to figure out which route to go post ADT

I had ADT (pulse) for years before a poor upgrade experience to Command and Control (wanted a touch screen) using Alarm com and realizing later there was no capability to arm/disarm on a schedule (deal breaker) convinced me to cancel. I got the feeling ADT didn’t really know what they were doing and a manager almost admitted as much. They did install a touch panel, remote panel (Honeywell?), removed the existing Pulse router and installed a wireless converter. They left all the equipment after we couldn’t come to an agreement and they couldn’t give me scheduled arm/disarm.

Since then, I’ve been looking at alternatives for a while. I was almost going to get a qolsys panel with alarm com service but haven’t done anything, yet. I have wired sensors except for a few wireless which were added later. I haven’t looked at the 2 motion sensors I have to determine if they’re wireless or wired.

Recently, I began looking at Ring. I’d prefer to use as much existing equipment as I can including the contact sensors I already have on all doors and windows. I have Alexa so connectivity would be preferable. I also saw they have a retrofit kit to use existing wired sensors. However, it seems Ring doesn’t have scheduled arm/disarm which people have managed to do with hacks or 3rd party tools. Amazes me such a basic feature doesn’t exist in security systems.

I’d like some opinions and advice on Ring, Alarm com, etc, and which way to go that makes sense, cost and functionality wise not to mention installation help. For Ring, I’m probably spending around $400 if I get a kit and the retrofit with monitoring for $10 if I decide on it? If I get a qolsys panel, etc, looking at around $400 or so? Alarm com with scheduled arm/disarm in the $20s a month. Thanks!

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