Want solar motion light to chase away partyers

I live in a wooded area with a creek and some fallen trees, which make great partying seats, apparently. I’ve found beer & other liquor bottles littered in my backyard, as well as socks (could be worse). This area is down a significant hill from my house, so I don’t see or hear this happening. Recently, someone stole something of my son’s that he left down there. No clue who it is, although my son did ask around and people were all too happy to point fingers at each other. He put up a no trespassing sign last winter when he noticed the first signs of people being down there. That hasn’t been respected. A few years ago something similar happened (no theft) but I did find some small drug baggies around, so I went around and talked to the neighbors (different batch). Again, all too happy to point fingers at each other, but that episode of partying stopped. I have no problem if you’re just walking through the area, or taking your dog on a walk, or maybe if you ask me if you can hang down there and I know you. Otherwise, no, go find your own place to sit by the water and drink.

I have trees and a shed which I could potentially hang a motion activated light from. No power, and it’s wooded and shady, so I don’t know if solar would work (or even exists). I would like a motion activated light, and I’m not looking for top of the line. There are also a bunch of animals, small ones and deer, who I wouldn’t want to trip the lights all night. Any suggestions?

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