What is the best way to capture license plates (even at night)?

I have a home security system based on Unifi G3 cameras and Unifi Protect. It has actually deterred crime in my property, but my neighbors sometimes have their cars broken into when they are parked on the streets. The maddening thing is that I have footage of the cars carrying the criminals, I just can’t read the license plates.

There are two problems: at night the IR accessory on the Unifi camera bounces back so much light from standard license plate coating that it is just all white; and the Unifi G3 is only 1080p.

I have been considering upgrading my street camera to a Unifi G4, but I read there are a lot of quality issues, plus that doesn’t solve my IR problem.

What would be my best bet for a setup that would be able to capture license plates, particularly at night?

In my neighborhood the public street lighting is frequently out and I have even been considering just using a 4k camera with my own (standard light) floodlight.

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