What should I look for in a smart front door deadbolt? What questions to ask of a supplier?

I’m guessing it shouldn’t have a key as that’s another attack surface.

Are they pickable with a strong magnet like the Lockpickinglawyer likes to do?

The ones I’ve seen have a 4-digit PIN. Can I make it six digit?

What are the benefits of IFTT, and what happens if a lock loses internet connectivity? What happens if the cloud provider is hacked? Do smart locks have 2FA?

Phones have a ~3-5 year lifespan if you look after them but eventually you don’t get the current OS. Are smart locks the same? What service life will manufacturers keep firmware up to date?

My current dumb deadbolt has a simple turning knob to exit from the inside. But I’m told it should be a key to stop burglars exiting when I’m not around. Do smart deadbolts do this? How do they work in an emergency evacuation like a fire or earthquake?

This stuff may not be a dealbreaker in getting a smart deadbolt but I’d like to be aware of the issues. The reviews online assume I already accept that a smart bolt is right for me, and the manufacturer websites will never say “our product doesn’t do xxx”.

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