What version of the Honeywell Vista Series is this? Former ADT Customer

I recently turned off my ADT monitoring. I had been using it for 4 years, I “own” the equipment at this point. I still have the system running in self-monitoring mode.

I’m considering hooking up a Hub6 or Envisalink 4.

This is my current logic board. It is branded as a Safewatch 3000 Pro.

Logic Board

My questions:

  1. Do I have to login in to the ADT panel to “disable” the old cellular communication module? (I’ve just unwired it from the panel at this point). I don’t want errors from the system if it trys to “phone home” to ADT every month.
  2. Is this an old PROM? If I change the PROM, do I have to reprogram the entire system from scratch again? Where would I buy a new PROM for this? Would a new PROM support the ADT keypad that already exists. The current one is: “WA3000 – 9.12 (2010 Rev 9.12)”
  3. Any experience with Hub6 or Envisalink 4? Envisalink looks to offer easy features, better price. Hub6 has a $10 a month monitoring option and Cellular backup.

Thank you!

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