What You Need to Be a Locksmith

Have you thought about owning your own locksmith business? Let’s look at what you need to be a locksmith and have a real business.

What You Need to Be a Locksmith

Today we’re going to talk about the tools and equipment you need to start a locksmith business. 

There are dozens of different types of key characters: there’s standard keys, Tibbie keys, laser cut keys, cask keys, all sorts of different kinds of keys that need to be chipped and in the past, all of those keys needed a very specific different type of machine. But now take a look here. This is the sec e 9 machine. It comes from overseas and there’s a lot of debate in our industry about whether or not an overseas machine is the way to go. However, this machine slasheds everything. It trims home, keys, standard automotive, keys, cask keys, Tibbie keys, laser keys. If you’ve got it, this will cut it now. The American equivalent product now will extend you about ten thousand dollars. This machine you can have for about twenty six hundred. 

You can chip every single key that you have so if you’re going to be portable, exclusively and you’ve got a limited opening. This is the way to go. We’ve had this one for over a year and we’ve had absolutely no problems with it. Now, a lot of locksmiths. Now are getting into Auto key programming. Most of your modern keys have to be programmed to the vehicle in order for the car to run and are now beginning to do that it was necessary to restrain program gear. We use two machines now and our supermarket if you’re going to be portable. Simply you’re really merely going to need one, but you want to make sure that you have one really good car key programmer. That’Ll. Do the majority of vehicles out there now most of your gondola key programmers will handle everything, except in cases of the German manufacturers. Very few locksmiths get into car key programming for German creators because it requires a very expensive investment, and a good deal of us aren’t quite willing to take that on. But these two machines will handle 99 % of what you’re going to run into outside of German car.

Key producers now are fairly expensive. This is the hot wire from keyless travel. This will pass you about 7 grandiose assets. This is another one called the Otto Pro pad only about a$ 2,500 investment. We like them. Both we use them both, but there are some other options if you think you’re only going to do some auto keys and you want to restrict yourself to time the really common ones and the really simple, easy ones to the curriculum. You can get a piece of gear off of Ali express or Amazon or eBay for about 150 bucks that’ll handle, I don’t know, seventy seventy-five percent of the car keys you run into I’ll settle a link to that concoction below. So that’s a very rapid, easy, inexpensive path, beginning on the market, without spending all that money on these fragments of equipment.

Now there are going to be days when you want to code trimmed a key, which means you demand a factory original key slash to the exact depths that it’s supposed to be chip to not a duplicate of a duplicate. There are some times when you can pull a system off a fastening and chipped a key by system. This is the machine that handles that. This is an HPC. You can trim keys by the system in this case of paraphernalia. Is it absolutely necessary yeah? Not genuinely because this one that we talked about here, the SC e9 will also code chipped some keys. Nonetheless, this one will do a wider variety, so if you’re really looking at offering the most complete works that you perhaps can you’re going to want to put one of these in your vehicle, it’s highly recommended.

So, let’s talk about pas tools. Now there is a wide variety. It certainly moves beyond a scope of everything we want to talk about here today, but for the majority of what you’re going to run to 90 95 percent of it precisely a basic start of side, implements are going to do for you precisely any basic paraphernalia, screwdrivers Dikes pliers socket change that type of thing we’ll handle. The majority of what you run into every van every browse needs a good vice. “There’s going to be” goes when you need both your hands to solve the problem, and this vice will act as third handwriting holding that for you, if you’re oppression, encase or something of that sort. Oh, specific requirements now. The other thing that this is really good for is you’ve got a nice flat metal pad in the back of that, if you’re, embossing keys for a client or labeling keys, you could put your key on there, give it a good hit with a mallet, and it Induces a neat face for stamping keys must-have for any van or any supermarket? I

want to talk a duet optional patches of gear. Normally, if you have a shop, you would have some of these. One of these is a nice belt. Sander, I’ll keep a link to one below again you’re, not going to use this a lot. But there are thousands of different key kinds and especially “when you’ve got” keys in your patronize that are from an overseas producer, the diameters of them might be a little thicker or a little thinner, and you might have to take the key to furnish that you have in stock and do a little of modification of it to generate a key “who’s working”, and this is perfect in a standard for that. This one’s fairly heavy-duty we’ve had this for a number of years, but again because you don’t abuse it so often the one I linked to below is very light duty and very affordable, and it’s good at more than meet your needs. In fact, this is the one that we have in our other patronizes. If you exclusively invest in this SCC e. 9, which is fantastic, you may want some backup gear if that ever goes down and has to be sent in for restore, you demand an inexpensive channel to cut keys so that you can still supply service without violating the bank. Now, this is a traditional key cutter here. We actually love this key cutter. It’s by rioting suntan it’ll. Do all your standard keys, all your standard automotive keys, but it won’t do laser keys. Now, this one’s very heavy tariff, very big, last-place a lifetime we’ve had this one for 15 times without any problems. We have this one because we have a shop in your vehicle. You can get a backup, one, and I’ll apply a link to one below that’ll. Do mostly the same thing for just a duo hundred dollars now, because it’s a backup, it’s not going to, be an as heavy job as this. It’S not going to be as great as this, but if you only need it when this one goes down, it’s going to handle your needs. The other part of the equipment that we use for laser key cutting. Is this one right here now we actually really like this. It’S a commodity by entry again we get it off of Ali express, it’s about a hundred and fifty horses, but this will handle high-security key duplicates, so those gondola keys that are high-security keys. You can conclude copies of them squandering this machine. Now again, is this. Robust is just going to last you a lifetime of heavy squander day in and day out, no, it’s not, but as a backup to this sec. E9. It’S excellent! Likewise! If you have a shop, you might want to cut steel keys. What’S a steel key sword, key flathead steel key like this needs a special machine to cut it. Even the sc9 won’t cut this one. So what we have here is a steel key cutter. If you have a shop, it’s a good extra piece of equipment. You have because you can provide a service to clients that a lot of your entrants can’t they’re not very expensive anymore, alright, so those are the major parts of the rig that you need. Apparently, this is going to be a few other things, some side tools teach if you’re going to is being done any fresh installing of fastenings. You’re going to need a fresh facility kit for doorway fastens, but those things are pretty easy to find. You can get online Amazon I’ll, employ a link to view the products that we like below, but you should get those just about anywhere and you’re going to have a pretty quick understand. You know what you’re going to need there. One other thing we didn’t talk about is, if you have a vehicle, a shelving kit for that vehicle, so you’re going to need a workbench you’re going to needs some shelves some drawers. Now, this is kind of a red-hot topic in our industry, because a lot of locksmiths have really constructed theirs out themselves, perfectly customized move the shelving everything from grove or sword or anything else that they have available.

Whatever their skill set is now us because we’re at rather large, we don’t have the time to do that, so Adrian sword becomes paraphernalia that is already shaped for just about any van out there. You exactly throw in your van nature I don’t know to pick one dodge Promaster and put in the locksmith paraphernalia and it’ll come back with shelves that are already designed to fit that vehicle aimed at providing the locksmith industry. So that’s what we do. It’S a quick and dirty way to get your van outfitted. The attire. A van with shelving races us right around$ 2,500, a vehicle we have a local installer. Do that for us it’s a great way to go with these gears because it’s easy and you don’t have to think about it after the kits installed, then you can do a little custom modification based on your preference. If you experienced this account of locksmith recommended the basic implements, you need to start a locksmith business.