Why Locksmiths Fail

Why Locksmiths fail! My phone has rung off the wall today? Okay, so it’s alright money in the bank right! Okay! I want to talk to you. I guess today’s talk is about why guys fail in this business. Now you may be reading this and you already are a locksmith and you’ve noticed your income. has gone down a little bit, but you don’t really know why.

If I see a guy fail in this business now when you go through our course, whether you take our full locksmith training program at the top, the full course with tools or you take the course without tools, and you buy your. Let me get out on this road. You buy your tools as you go along either way when I see a guy fail in this business in our manual and work, but there is a whole section and a video actually on the flash drive with over thirty plus videos.

why locksmiths fail

By the way, there is a section in there on calling them accounts, what kind of counts to call on what are the best accounts for a locksmith to have who, how to find them, and what to say and how to go. Get them right. So that’s called marketing, every company does it, but unfortunately, in the locksmith business, this has been the mo in the past. Well, in the past, you would put a yellow page ad in the phone book and starve to death for your first two years or you’ll build a website and then you’re really starved to death for at least six to eight months, if not more than that. Now usually a year, but if you follow the marketing program that is in the manual and workbook, it will have you up and running in no time at all, because you go after the accounts, you don’t wait for them to call you, but if I see a Guy failed, it’s usually because he could. He starts off really really good night.

This is a true story. I had a guy that took the course and about three months I guess into taking into the business. He started out his first two months. He took about a month to learn what he needed to know and then he started doing really good. I mean he is his phone was ringing and so forth and so on right. So he calls me after a few months. but he called me and he said dude, I just don’t get it man he’s typing. It seems like everybody died, went to him. I say what tell me what you’ve been doing. He says. Well, he said last month he said I’ve been calling all apartments and I said, look I said what his name was. I said, look I said, apartments are bad deals. I said most apartments have wanted to be a maintenance, guys that are locksmiths, and most apartment houses.

They will just tear the lock off the door and you’re the maintenance department, we’ll take it to a shop down the street or they’ll. Give you a call and in that box of all these busted parts they’re going to want you to put it back together and then they’re going to you’re going to write a ticket to that apartment project and it goes to some Holdings company in LA. And you might get paid and you might not get paid so apartments are pretty much notoriously bad accounts. Now, that’s not always the case. If this is my turn, it is, if that’s not always the case, I have had apartments that would you know we’re pretty good accounts actually, but my mo with them was you pay me right when I’m done, I’m not going to bill you And then they have cash later today they can get you paid. So that’s the way I handle apartments. This guy calls me to see how my to see my everything died. So I just out of curiosity right because I’m an instructor, I teach I train guys in the lock business. I want to know what goes on the right, so I called this guy every morning at 9 o’clock at 9:00, his time and his phone went straight to voicemail. Well, that is one of the reasons that I see guys fail is because Karen remembers he did all this work to get these property management companies, but she’s out there at 8 o’clock in the morning and she’s trying to get into a property, and she can. She calls and his phone goes to voicemail. Her thinking is he’s probably in bed right now, even up again, which probably was the case right. He made $ 1,000 a day before he just turned his phone off like that. So that’s that’s one of the reasons.

The other reason that I see guys fail and probably the primary reason is that they don’t market. When I say market, what I mean is in our manual and workbook. I tell you how to find these companies where the money is right, then I tell you how to find the companies on how to go after them.

There are publications and different things out there that they can tell you how many employees they have, what kind of company they are, what they do, and so forth. You find out who owns the company? Who is the facilities manager and you call on those people? You only need to do that for yo about your first year. After that, you will have so many accounts. You can’t do all the work you’re going to find yourself turning down calls what you don’t want to do by the way and on another talk, we’ll talk about what to do about calls that you can’t get to and ways to make money off those goals. But anyway, so that’s one of the reasons there’s one of the several reasons that I see guys fail, but probably the primary reason is they won’t do the marketing they just for some reason. They have a roadblock there to walk into a property management company and say Pat. Are you yeah here’s? My card? Hey, listen, call me next time. You need something you’ll be surprised at the response that you get it’s not like your Fuller Brush salesman or a Kirby vacuum, cleaner salesman or you’re trying to sell them window cleaner. They won’t.

They trust me for a locksmith to walk up and give a property management company a card and tell them that you are a good locksmith, and I want to give you my card. You calm when you call me I’ll, be there. If I tell you I’m going to be there at 2:00 o’clock, you can believe you me I’m going to be there a few minutes early. So I don’t want you to have to sit and wait right if you’ll do that, then you’ll succeed. So if I see a guy fail, it’s for that reason, another reason and probably something that you maybe thought it’s not thought about.

Even you guys at our locksmiths I’ll tell you the way I handle it. I have actually two phones, one of the fist phone right. This particular smartphone right here is all of my commercial accounts. In other words, I have my regular business line, which is right here, because once you have so many phone numbers, your phone sometimes a ring at 2:00. In the morning, it’s a friggin sales call from Hawaii or something especially in the business that

I don’t ever want to miss a call or leave you sitting in front of a property. So here’s my card and if you need me at night, you’ve got the number that way. I don’t lose an account because what will happen if you let your phone go to voicemail or you don’t answer it at 10:30 at night. That lady is going to call some other locksmith because she’s got to get in whatever it is. It may even just be her daughter, it’s locked out of her card. You never know right so that the white phone is gold. I mean it is the most important over and above my business line because I want to give those people that kind of service that they’re not going to get from a large locksmith company owner. In other words, the guy’s got 18 trucks right. So he’s got one guy or two guys: they trade-off there have to work all night long, that’s just the way they do it.

They run a 24-hour mobile locksmith service. Well, what they’ll do is let their phone go to an operator and the operator of the dispatch into one of the go all that night and it’s really confusing to these property management come as they never know who’s working at night. But if it’s you – and they know, they know you personally, it’s a win-win and these property management companies, because my turn guys these property management companies love it and that’s the kind of locksmith that they’re looking for. So if you can give them the best of all worlds of service, that’s what you need to do.