Wireless 24/7 recording…does this exist?

I’m new to all this and just want a single camera in front of our house that can record 24/7. I don’t need to keep the footage long, but need something more than motion detection.

My house is made of concrete/cinder block so running wires is not something I really want to deal with at this point and I want something I can put up quick.

Preferably I’d like something like Eufy or Arlo, that can record 24/7 to a local hub or NVR type thing (not SD card in camera).

I can probably find a way to run a wire a single wire from the camera to a wireless nvr or hub, or possibly a single power cable if it can transmit the video wirelessly.

Does this exist? Is there a solar powered unit that is wireless and records 24/7? I could also settle for cloud storage if necessary. The 24/7 recording and not having to drill holes in my house are necessities though

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