Wiring for cameras?

Deciding on a camera system, and concerned about privacy – I don’t want Google Nest or Amazon Ring to have that much info, nor some random Chinese company. So I think that leaves me with a system that records locally, and for stability and least hassle, probably a wired system. I’m trying to figure out if wiring will be possible.

*Does all the wiring need to home run from the camera back to a single device for such systems?

*Or would it be possible to use two “splitters” which I understand are called unmanaged switches, to get data wire to the camera locations? Does this provide POE to the cameras? Would this work for systems such as the Unify?

*Does getting the wiring out to the cameras via unmanaged switches work with the kit type systems such as those Costco sells with the cameras and NVR?

It would be difficult/impossible to home run wires from the low voltage panel or a single security device to each of the proposed camera locations.

a. There is an existing unused data outlet near the front that I could easily turn around to be in a closet. I would run a cable from that outlet to an unmanaged switch I would install in the closet, and from the closet I could wire to two cameras and the doorbell.

b. Would do similar to the above at another part of the house- connect an unmanaged switch to a data outlet that is used, and run one cable to the device currently using it, and another cable to a proposed camera.

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